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It is in the heart of Provence that La Tisanière draws its origins and its culture. A culture transmitted by warm and open-minded inhabitants, where the language sings a bit like Pagnol’s novels.
It inherits from its history the knowledge of how to live well, how to eat well and how to leave the beautiful part to the nature to take care of oneself and the others.

Its history also includes the scents and flavors that its native land never ceases to inspire: colorful and joyful markets like its multicolored tablecloths, with stalls overflowing with the scent of spices, fragrant olives, ripe, tasty, sun-drenched fruits and vegetables.

La Tisanière is also the story of a benevolent brand driven by inspired creators who are convinced that nature holds the best aromas and flavors to infuse to delight our taste buds.

And for nearly 20 years, La Tisanière has been perpetuating its history, culture and origins through its creations, to the delight of all!

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