SOUPLINE 2.85L canister / SOUPLINE Bidon de 2,85L

SOUPLINE – Adoucissant Dilué – Parfum Grand Air – Linge incroyablement doux et fraîcheur longue durée – Bidon de 2,85L

4,000 CFA


About this product
SOFT & FRESH LINEN: With Soupline fabric softener, enjoy incredibly soft, intensely fresh laundry all day long, for a remarkable feeling of well-being wherever you go.
SOFT & COMFORTABLE TO WEAR LINEN Provides long-lasting freshness and easy ironing (vs. detergent alone)
LONG-LASTING FRESHNESS: with Soupline Grand Air fabric softener, even months after washing, your textiles retain a wonderful fragrance evoking the freshness of laundry dried in the open air.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: In addition to your washing detergent, add a dose of Soupline to the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine or to your last rinse water. Do not pour the product directly onto the laundry.
LE BONHEUR EST DANS LA DOUCEUR: Soupline is a French brand offering a wide range of fabric-softening products that delicately perfume clothes, leaving them infinitely soft.



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